I have decided to open this web-site to prove my BDSM and no to waste my time with anyone. For the most i am inside the rating PRODOM, but i am prepared to get down to some compromise if I find interesting subjects and still interested to appear in my video productions.

If you like you can contact me at:


I can be also contacted with telephone from 18 to 22, where i will respond certainly and only to VISIBLE NUMBERS. Call guests talking loudly and quickly explain what you are looking for or need.

+39 391.45.19.223

SKYPE -  "dream.squall"

My BDSM sessions can happen only behind a telephone deal in which there will be detailed my requests and precise coordinates to reach me.

I get between the provinces of Savona and Imperia  in isolated environment, quiet and clean.

Nearest Airport  -  Genoa [ita] or Nice [france]



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