This is a small gallery of images in reduced size. A taste as miniature of the images posted in my MEMBERSHIP AREA that are very wide resolution.

How to represent my deal with quality and synthesis? Of course I could post the pictures more appealing and cruel. But i let this to my FANS CLUB AREA . Here I will only show the qualitative portion images and my primary passions in BDSM:

  • I love quality masks, that are my particular fetish;
    I love tie into kimbaku with strings of yuta;
    Often you will see me naked during the game, it makes me feel free.
    I love to wrap my delicious feet in sandals very fetish;
    I like the leather clothing and long whips.

From here you can guess but no fully understand what moves me and what moves my perversions that can carry any type of sub into himself unthinkable situations. My BDSM is made of emotions and adrenaline. It is suitable for those who want to rely on the full awareness of wanting to touch the limits with a person of natural capacity.
I want to share something you don't know. Many are those who have complimented on "cut" of some of my images. In all cases I am the model but you don't imagine how passion,who resumes find satisfaction in being successful in real magic. There aren't photographs of static poses (except for portraits), often I am being told: "you do your job by Mistress, we make our". Then during the "game" I hear repeated shots without a "get so or get there", which, doesn't put even out of the slave session's concentration. And how much passion in the treatment of high detailed images. I want to thank with these lines of true artists of the picture, thanks to their work make it more attractive my figure. Thank you really.


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