I am Dream Squall. No other ... and soon you'll know.

I am a Sadistic Mistress who DOESN'T TOLERATE stupidity. I do not care what is your BDSM's vision, but rather give you my version, which doesn't like you can just forget it. I no dominate warms, cockroaches, shit and nullity. I don't turn down to those elements. I'm not a goddess or a Queen. I am simply DREAM SQUALL, recall it well as I don't like repeating myself and dull will be considered anyone who doesn't put in place this simple request. I am a prodom, so it is useless to continue in repetitive supplications. Only for my video productions, i will take into consideration only those who will prove to be something (not in words) and deserve my time. I warn that I'm not interested in any kind of event and know what you did with third persons that cannot be DREAM SQUALL.

Otherwise to what I've seen around, I consider myself a proper person, serious and clean. I have very specific ideals and i don't want to be mixed to vulgar and sloppy characters. I am convinced that we can dominate with intelligence, charm, peversion and fantasy. I don't need to insult someone to feel me gratified or more mistress.

I am a lover of masks, of mysticism, of the shibari and Oriental arts. I love education and respect and i hate who defined himself/herself slave and usually use "you".

All materials posted on this site belong to me as intellectual property and i am ready to pursue in every part of the world everyone who will abuse it without my written permission. You are warned!



You will find my name in several places on the WEB. I will list here some that I attend more assiduously and where you can find my tracks:

Naturally i am on FACEBOOK with the nickname Dreammistress Squall but i no find it so appropriate to disclose my BDSM. Another one that is more appreciated is FETLIFE, certainly more suited to find many kinksters; there you will find me with the nick Dreamsquall and a rich gallery of photos. Thanks to the partnerships with the staff of SADIANA and OROACCIAIO, you can find out some mine videos on CLIPS4SALE. Now, however, created this my site, it will become the main reference point for all those who wish to know and understand my paraphilias. I would like to offer a serious commitment and continued to my character that I assure you, it will be always very unique and out of generalized context of Mistress bitchy and arrogant. I want to prove that the Authority pay more of any form of arrogance. My BDSM will be infused with fantasy, by exciting perversions and certainly not of rough words or inept sub; be sure I will surprise you with a BDSM of elite far from that approximate world where the most move.


Mistress Dream Squall - All rights reserved