I do not like and attracts me who, not knowing me and an excess of confidence, give me a simple "you". I believe a lot in respect among people and I consider this an indispensable factor to give demonstration of it.

I appeal to those who got tired of such approximation and wanna take seriously entertained as sub. Respectful of every limit I try to reach to the right satisfaction. I find shabby who believes that can act as a Mistress, not caring about the slave. I am firm and resolute into my every action and I don't like to be misunderstood.

Each session lasts minimum 4 hours (unless you want to stop it before for your needs). I prefer first to put at ease the subject, dealing with him to understand his paraphilias and to bring him exactly into a satisfying session.

I have enough imagination to make unforgettable the "stay" into my galleys or stables equipped with any toys needed to your suffering or humiliation. I don't like superficiality and those who use it.

I practice all, with the exception of these practices: Clinic - Enema - Blackmail - Ageplay - Neddles torture.

Unless different agreements, I get only: Sunday or Monday.

my being mistress should not interpose with my private life, very rewarding and gratifying!

I get between the provinces of Savona and Imperia, I don't participate in festivals or events unless it's worth. Each session is scheduled for time, so I request a phone contact in which I can make my needs.

Useless to formulate "supplications". I do not take personal slaves out of the PRODOMME context. I can however take into consideration sub that wanna interact with me in VIDEOS also hidding our face, but in this case, and only in this, I require explicit details and photographic evidence of experience already had. I don't practice only fetishism so you haven't to contact me if you wanna these situations that I can find anywhere. To participate in video I require a minimal physical presence and AN AGREE IMAGE RELEASE WRITTEN indefinitely.

Attention! I am known for my concrete. You don't attempt to involve me in long exchanges fo mails, I haven't time to make you masturbate virtually.


Unlike many mistresses I don't dislike to dominate in nakedness, I find it a form of highly seduction rewarding and very penetrating into the mind of the submissive. I don't exclude also real oral or cleaning services exclusively to my source of pleasure.

I have two beautiful feet (size 39) for even practices aimed at fetishism. I am skilled and perverted in moving the foot and practice exhausting FOOTJOB. I own many types of boots and very fine fetish footwear workmanship.

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